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** Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale **

Friday, January 31st, 2020 at 5:00pm

Matt Stevenson of Port Elgin
20 Black & Charolais X Cows. Bred Black Simm For April / May Calving.
3rd - 5th Calvers.

Jason Rice of Flesherton
26 Red & RWF Simm X Red Angus Heifers Bred to 74 LB BW Red Angus Bull. Exposed June 29-Sept 7,2019 for April May Calving.
Double Vaccinated with Bovi Shield Gold 5FP VL5 HB, Tasvax, Ivomec.
Heifers are on wrapped hay and free choice mineral, running in the bush and electric fence trained.

Chris Knott of Clarksburg
Complete Herd Dispersal of 23 Simm X Red Angus Cows ( 2 with September Calves) Bred Saunders Polled Charolais, Exposed June 10 for Second and Third Calvers and Mature Cows.
Herd Vaccinated Annually with Bovi Shield Gold + Lepto and Scour Bos 9.

Tyler Hayes of Lions Head
10 Black Heifers, Bred to Black Angus Bull, Exposed Jun 15th, 2019.
Vaccinated with Express 10 & Ivomec.

Ford Cook of Desboro
8 Cow / Calf Pairs. Herford Cows With Calves at side. Cows Exposed to Red Angus Bull Dec 1st, 2019.
Cows Vaccinated with Tasvax.

Cleon Martin of Chesley
Complete Herd Dispersal of 30 Black & Charolais Cows Bred Red Simm for April Calving. Consisting of 13 First Calvers (Blk), 10 Second Calvers (Blk), 7 Mature Cows (5 Charolais and 2 Black)
Herd Vaccinated with Bovi 5.

Moses Stutzman of Desboro
2 Tan Charolais, Second Calvers. Bred Saunders Charolais for May Calving.
Vaccinated with Bovi 5. Presort Protocol and West Origin.

Connor Courts of Elmvale
8 - 10 Red X and Charolais Cows. Bred Charolais 7-9 Months. All under 6 Years Old.
Cows Vaccinated with Enforce 3.

John Frook Jr of Chesley
60 Bred Cows Consisting of 35 Charolais X & 25 Red, RWF, Herford Exposed July 1st.
2 Mature Charolais Bulls, 1 - 2 Year Old Charolais Bull, 1 Mature Herford.
Vaccinated With Tri 10.

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