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Keady Livestock Market
R.R. 4 Tara, Ontario, N0H 2N0
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** 2020 FALL SALES**


Previewing Cows Anytime Friday Nov 27th, 2020, After 1:30 pm.
Phone Bids Can Be Taken At: Grace Kuhl 519-477-0432, Scott MacDonald 519-372-8018, Garry Kuhl 519-477-2339, Carl Spencer 519-477-0142, Braedon Weppler, 519-375-2625

Blaine Thompson of Lions Head: Complete herd Dispersal of 90 Char X Cows Consisting of:
12 - 2nd Calvers
20 White Cows - Bred Red Angus
5 Red Cows Bred Char, From Hicks Charolais
65 Tan Cows Bred Char, From Hicks Charolais
Bulls Turned Out June 24th, Until Sale Time.
Cows Are Wintered Outside and Electric Fence Trained.
Cows Are Not On Vaccine Program, But Calves Are Vacccinated At Turn Out With Bovi 5.

Howard Tedford of Tara: 15 Charolais Heifers Bred Charolais.
Bull Turned Out June 27th, Pulled Aug 18th.
Vacc Tri 10

Moses Zook of Chesley: 25 Charolais Heifers.
Bred to a Proven Red Limo HFR Bull Turned Out June 12th - Sept 1st
Vaccinated with Bovi 5.
17 Are Western Origin, 8 are French Char From Ontario Producer.

Sylvanus Zook of Chesley
10 Black Sim Cows
Bred Red Simm. Turned Out May 1st.
Vaccinated With Bovi 5.

Mike Klages of Desboro: 20 Red & Black Heifers.
Vacc in May With Bovi FP5L5HB.
Bred to Black Gelbvieh Bull BW 83#, Turned Out June 18th -Aug 25th.
Calves Could Be Black or Red.

Rolph Huber of Tiverton: 6 Charolais X Fleckvieh 2nd Calf Heifers.
Bred to Easy Calving Snobelen Char Bull.
Vaccinated Bovi5 FP Before Breeding, ScourBos Before Calving.

Mike Galbraith of Tara: 35 Charolais & Red Angus/Simm X Hfrs.
Chars Are Home Raised or Ontario, Reds Are Western Origin.
Bred To Vansice Red Angus 75 # BW Bulls & a Western Red Simm Bull 80 # BW. Bull Exposed May 28th.
Vacc With Bovi 5.

Gerry Zook of Desboro: 12 Limo & Lim X Sim x Hfrs.
8 Are Full blood Limo - Top Meadow Bloodlines.
4 Are Own Breeding. Bred To a Proven Red Limo Heifer Bull.
Exposed June 12 - Sept 1. Vacc Bovi 5.

Carolyn Closs of Shawville: 20 Bred Heifers.
Charolais Cross with Simmental Influence Selected from a Herd of 375 Cows.
April/May Born. Fully Vaccinated. .
Bred to Proven Calving Easy Saunder's Charolais Bull Starting July 15th.

Moses Stutzman of Desboro: 8 Red X Cows.
Bred Char. Turned out May 1st.
Vacc With Bovi 5.

Andy Penner of Meaford: Complete Herd Dispersal of 20 RedX & Black X Cows.
Bred Black Angus. Turned out June 1st.
Nice Set of Younger Cows - Two 2nd Calvers, Six 3rd Calvers, Eight 4th Calvers, 5 Mature Cows.
Vacc Yearly With Bovi 5.

Andrew Robertson of Hepworth: Complete Herd Dispersal.
6 Black Angus Cows and 1 Purebred Black Angus Bull, 4 Years Old.
No Papers for the Bull. Gilchrist Breeding.
Cows Bred to the Above Mentioned Bull, Turned Out 3rd Week of June. Very Quiet Animals.
Vacc With Bovi 5 and Ivo.

Wesley Frizzell of Bognor: 7 XBred Cows.
Cows are on Calf Club Vaccine Schedule. Bovi LP5, Ivo.
Bred Charolais, Late Calvers.

Jonas Miller of Chesley: 9 Char X Heifers 4 White & 4 Tan.
Bred to Saunders' Charolais Bull. Exposed June 3rd - Aug 15th.
Vaccinated With Bovi 5. Western Origin.


Grace Kuhl of Keady: 37 Sim/ Red Angus X Heifers (Alberta Origin) .
Vaccinated March 15th With Bovi 5, Given Estrumate at Turn Out.
20 Bred Char Low BW's May 1st-Sept 1st. 17 Bred Char May 30th-Sept 1st.

Ken Mitchell 20 Red Angus/Simmental Heifers.
Vaccinated Bovi FP5L5 Pre Breeding.
Proven Easy Calving Red Angus Bull Turned Out June 9th.
Heifers are Electric Fence Trained and Home Raised.

Mark McConnell of Kilsyth: 20 Red Angus/Simm Heifers from Alberta, 10 Char X Heifers & 10 Black X Heifers Local Raised.
Vacc with Bovi 5.
Bred to Red Limo Heifer Bulls Under 80 # BW. Bulls Put in June 12th.

Grant Montgomery of Warren: 18 Sim/Red Angus Heifers. (Home Raised).
Vaccinated With Bovi FP5L5 & Covexin..
Bred to Lehmann Red Angus 65# BW Bull. Turned Out May 28th-Aug 20th.

Barry Robbins: 4 Bred Simm/Angus Cows, 4 Bred Simm/Angus Heifers.
Cows Due For Spring Calving to Black Simm Bull. Three & Four Year Olds Vaccinated with Express FP5.
2 Heifers Bred for Jan 1 to Easy-Calving Simm Bull Cowboy Cut. 2 Heifers Bred to Easy-Calving Red Simm Bull for Early Feb/March. Vaccinated with Express FP5 & Scourguard

Enos Kuepfer of Desboro: 5 X Bred Cows.
Bred Black Lim and Red Sim.

Harold Smith of Markdale: 20 Black & XBred Cows.
Bred Black Angus, Exposed to Bull Year Round.
Majority Calving April, May June. No Vaccines.

Darren King of Desboro:5 Limo Heifers Off Top Meadow Genetics.
Bred to Red Limo Bull, Greenwood Blood Line.
85 # Birth Weight. Turned Out June 10 - Sept 15th.
Heifers Vaccinated with Bovi 5.

Braeden Weppler of Tara: 3 Angus Cows Bred Char, Due Mid-Late Jan.
1 Limo Cow Bred Simmental, Due Apr 1.
Cows Vacc With Bovi Shield and Dewormed in Spring. Scour Guard Before Calving.

After Hours Limousins of Tara: 4 Limo Cows.
2 Bred Limo, Due Late Feb.
1 Bred Simm, Due Mid April. 1 Bred Limo, Due Mid May.
Cows Vacc With Bovi Shield and Dewormed in Spring. Scour Guard Before Calving.

Spence Farms of Elmvale. Herd Reduction.
23 Cows Consisting of 21 Black Angus and 2 Red Angus.
2nd-6th Calvers. Bred Black Angus. Due May 15th-June 15th.
Bull Exposed 1 Month. Vaccinated Tri 10 and Scour Guard.

Tyler Devries of Keady: 5 XBred Cows.
Vaccinated Triangle 10, Black Leg, Ivo.
Bred Red Limo.

Vernon Metzger of Chesley: 10 XBred Cows.

Dave Collins of Ripley: 10 Tan, Char, or Red Simm Cows 1st and 2nd Calvers.
Bred Char or Red Simm, Easy Calving Saunders' Char or Maple Key Simm Bulls.
Vaccinated with Tri 9. Papers Available on 2 Purebred Char Hfrs.
Dry Hay Only.

Carl Spencer of Tara: 30 Char X Cows.
Vaccinated Bovi Shield Gold, Tri 10, Yearly.
Bred to Saunders or Patton Breeding Bull. Calving Present-May 2021
8-2nd Calvers, 6-3rd Calvers, 5-4th Calvers, Remaining Mature Cows .

Manessa Martin of Paisley: 5 Char Bred Cows.
Vaccinated With Cattle Master and Ivo Nov 20.
April - May Calvers.