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Darryl Hopcraft Of Walkerton
Complete Herd Dispersal 21 Black Cows consisting of 2 2nd calvers 4 3rd calvers and balance are mature cows,
Nice quiet herd selected for quality and temperment.
Vaccinated yearly with Bovi5 lp5. Exposed to Black Angus Bull from MC Quantock from May 26 August 1st - sale time.
Darryl's have always been in the top sorts of the Bluewater Presort Sale

John M Stutzman of Desboro
Complete Herd Dispersal 22 Xbred Cows
Vaccinated yearly with Bovi5 lp5.
Exposed to Hicks Charolais Bull

Charlie Pearson of Proton Station
Herd Reduction of 22 White Char Cows
Exposed to Charolais Bull to calve in spring
Vaccinated with Bovi 5 lp5l5

Michael Galbraith of Tara
30 Tan & White Charolais Hfrs
Exposed to Red Angus and Red Simmental Bull birth weights less then 75lbs, both used the last 2 -3 yrs on hfrs and proven easy calving.
Exposed May 28th until Fall
Hfrs are of excellent quality and good temperment
Given Bovi5 lp5 l5 and estrumate prior to breeding
Hfrs are of excellent quality and good temperment

Harold and Carolynn Closs of Shawville Quebec
12 Char Hfrs
Exposed to calving ease Charolais bull June 1st
Excellent group of quiet home raise hfrs
Vaccinated with Bovi 5 lp5

Mike Klages of Desboro
10 Red & Red Blaze & Blk & Blk Blaze Hfrs
Exposed to Red Gelveih May 16th until Fall
Vaccinated with Bovi 5 lp5l5

Wes Frizzell of Bognor
10 Red X & Charolais Spring Calvers & 4 Tan Bred Heifers, Home Raised
1 Cow / Calf Pair Male Calf Elastic @ Birth
Herd Vaccinated Yearly Bovi FP 5L5HB
Exposed to Charolais Bulls

Anson Lewis of Holstein
Herd Reduction of 50-60 Angus SimX Cows
10-15 Jan Calvers
40-45 To Calve after April 25th
Bred Blk Angus and Blk Simm
Vaccinated yearly with Cattle Master 4 lp5

Mike Curley of Tara
Complete Herd Dispersal
of 15 White Charolais Cows
Consisting of 3 Bred Hfrs 3 2nd calvers and balance mature cows
Exposed to Charolais Bull June 20th until Oct 1
Vaccinated yearly with Bovi 5 lp 5

Ron Schreinert of Walkerton
3 Sim Hfrs AI'd Reg Angus to Calve Mar 3
2 XBred Cows AI'd Char to Calve March 9 and March 12
Vaccinated Yearly with Tri 10

Craig Booker of Meaford
6 Angus /Simm X Cows
5 Born 2020 From Western Cows Bred to Saunders Bull
All Bred to Saunders JSR Denim 71D
Due Jan-Feb
Vaccinated Tri 10, Ivo

Levi Stutzman of Williamsford
2 Second Red X Calvers
1 Red Mature Cow Bred Char
Vacc Bovi 5

Brian MacKinnon of Paisley
Complete Herd Dispersal
38 Red & Red Blaze Face Cows Consisting of
11 - 2nd Calvers
9 - 3rd Calvers
5 - 4th Calvers
13 - Mature Cows
2 - Char Snoblen Bulls 3 Yrs & 4 Yrs Old
Char Bull Exposed June 1st - Sept 15th
Vaccinated with Bovi Spring 2022


Ken Mitchell of Annan
22 Red Angus Hfrs
Exposed to Red Angus Bulls June 9th until Fall
Excellent set of quiet, electric fence trained home bred Hfrs
Vaccinated with Bov 5 lp5l5

George Martin of Maxwell
11 Red AngusXSimm Hfrs. Western Origin
Exposed to Red Angus Bull June 6th for a 45 day calving window
Vaccinated with Bov 5 lp5l5

Moses Zook of Desboro
15 Red Blaze Face Hfrs (Western Origin) Bred Red Angus
6 Solid Red Hfrs (Western Origin) Bred Red Limo
11 White Hfrs (Ontario Origin) Bred Red Limo
All Hfrs Exposed June 1st to August 1st
Vaccinated with Bovi 5 lp5 l5

Ben & Frances Stutzman of Williamsford
19 Red & Blk Hfrs
Exposed April 15 - End of June, Black Limo bull
Vaccinated with Bov 5 lp5l5

Grant Montgomery of Warren, Ontario
12 Red Simmmental Hfrs
Exposed to an Easy Calving 65# BW Red Angus Bull from Leahmans May 25-Aug 21
Vaccinated with Bovi lp5l5

Pallister Farms of Dundalk
100 Red Simm Hfrs
Originating from 3 Ranches in Saskatchewan / Manitoba
Exposed to 8 Calving Ease Charolais Bull with Birth Weights 72-80 lbs from 2 proven calving ease sires
Vaccinated with Bov 5 lp5l5 and palpated before turnout
Exposed July1st until Sept 15th

Scott Kuhl of Keady
10 Rwf &Red Blaze Hfrs
Originating from Alberta
Exposed to Calving Ease Charolais Bull from Steppler's
May 7th until Aug 28th

25 Rwf&Red Blaze Hfrs
Originating from Alberta
Exposed to Calving Ease Red Limo Bulls from Rail Line
March 30th until July 15th
Vaccinated with Bov 5 lp5l5

Jim Baker of Stayner
26 Cows and Hfrs
Consisting of 3 CharX Hfrs 3 Red SimX 2nd calvers
7 Char 2nd Calvers, 8 Red Xbred Cows
3 Speckle Park Cows
Exposed July 1 - Oct 5th to easy calving purebred Charolais Bull
Vaccinated with Bovi-shield Gold one shot, ivo


Eugene Klassen of Meaford
28 Angus Cows - 4th Calvers
Exposed July 15 - Aug 15 to Angus Simm X Bulls
From Echo Sands Ranching in Acme AB
Vaccine Program and Dewormed

Tom Blakey of Proton Station
Herd Reduction of 25 Red Blk & Char
Cows Exposed to Blk Angus Bull

Rob Campbell of Better Together Farms
4 Certified Angus Heifers
Bred to Registered Bull - Calves Can be Certified Angus
Solmectin & Cylence applied Aug 18, 2023
First Exposed July 16

Stan Conquergood of Port Elgin
15 cows Consisting of 7 Short Horn & 8 Blk Sim
Exposed Red Simmental May 10 - July 10
Vaccinated Yearly with Tri 10
3 Yrs Old - 7 Yrs Old

Carl Spencer of Tara
20 Char Fall Calvers
6 with Calves @ Side
Bred Char

Cam Hill of Meaford
2 Black Cows Bred for March 1

Amanda Hammell of Tara
1 Black Cow Bred for March 1
1 Black Angus Bull - 3 Years Old

Karl Elliott of Thedford
12 Red Cows - 2nd Calvers
Exposed July 1st - Sale Time
1 Black Blaze Face Simm Bull - 5 Years Old
Vacc Bovi 5 Annually and Ivo

Bill Thompson of Lions Head
15 Char Hfrs
Exposed to Char Bull July 1st - Sept 1st
Vacc Bovi 5

David Anthony of Port Lambton
1 Char Cow Calf Pair

Darren King of Chatsworth
6 Black Cows & 4 Black Heifers
Vacc Bovi 5, Ivo, E-Selenium
Exposed to Red Limo Greenwood Bull BW 84# & Red White Face Simm Bull
June 9 - Oct 30

Lawrence Martin of Hanover
4 Blk Sim X cows
Vacc Bovi 5

Ontario Beef Research Farm of Guelph
21 blk Angus/Simm X Cows
2nd - 8th Calvers
Bred AI to Blk Angus Sires to Calve Mid Feb - Mar 31
Vacc Express 10 Prior to Breeding Sour Guarded Prior to Calving

Doug Price of Amaranth
23 Complete Herd Dispersal
Consisting of 23 Char Cows, 1 with Calf @ Side
Exposed to Char Bull Sept - Sale Time
Calves Vacc with E-Selenium, Tri 9, Ivo

Jason Rice of Conn
33 Char Hfrs
Vacc Bovi 5

Brayden Bullock of Feversham
1 Angus X Hfr
Bred Angus, Exposed May - July

Phillip Eagles of Singhampton
5 Char Cows

Ken Badgerow of Singhampton
2 Heifers

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