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**TUESDAY, JUNE 2ND, 2020**


Norman Bilyea of Granton- 10-12 Cows with Calves at side. Exposed to Herford Bull since March 1st.
One - Three year Old Herford Bull.

Dave Kohler of Varney - 3 Black Cows with Calves at Side.

Doug Scott of Lucknow - 21 Char & Xbred Cows with Char Calves at Side.
Off Sauderglen Ranches Bull.
Mature Cows Vacc Yearly with Tri9, ScourBoss, Ivomec, and Ultra Bac.
Calves Elastic at Birth, Vacc with Pyramid 5, Tasvax, Fly Tagged.

Mosie Zook of Desboro - 9 Red & RWF Heifers with March April May Limo X Calves at side.
2 Black Blaze Face Heifers with BWF Calves.
First Calf Heifers Originally from Albert Vaccinated with Bovi 5. Calves given Vit A&E and Elastic at Birth
2 Hereford Cows with Char Calves at side. Cows Vaccinated with Tri 9. Calves given Vit A&E and Elastic at Birth
Not Exposed to a Bull yet this Spring.

Jeff Bullock of Feversham - 3 X Bred Cow Calf Pairs.

Carl Spencer of Tara - 8 Charolais Cows, Bred Charolais.

Ron Hierons of Tehkumah - 10 Black Cows with May Calves at Side.

Bedwan Farms - 1 - 4 Year Old Polled Charolais Breeder Bull (FERGUS BREEDING).

Andy Subject of Chesley - 1 Limo Cow / Calf Pair.

1 Yearling Charolais Breeder Bull, Semen Tested.


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