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** Special Bred Hfr and Cow Sales **

Friday, Nov 29 2019 at 5:00 pm

Harold and Carolyn Closs of Shawville PQ 20 Char Hfrs Vacc Bovi 5 Bred Char.
to start calving April 1st .

Michael Galbraith of Tara 30-40 Char X Hfrs Bred Red Angus.
15-20 Char X Cows with Calves at side.

Larry Wade of Flesherton 60 Blk Angus/Herf X Consisting of 10 Bred Hfrs, 15 2nd Calvers, 35 3rd calvers.
Exposed to Blk Limo June 21st Vacc with Tri 10.

Moses Zook of Desboro 38 Hfrs Consisting 19 Blk Angus SimX , 19 Red Angus SimX Bred Red Limo .
Exposed to a Top Meadow Westwood Son 75 lb BW and Top Meadow Bakersman Son 85 lb BW.
June 1st - Sept 1st, Alberta origin Vacc Bovi 5.

Graham McNabb of Stayner 15 CharX Hfrs Exposed June 1st to Red Angus.
10-15 BlkX Cows 3rd-4th Calvers Exposed June 1st Blk Angus Vacc Express 10.

Mike Klages of Desboro 30 Blk/Red Gelbveih X Hfs, Red Exp Red Gelbveih 82# BW Blk Exp Blk Gelbveih 84# BW June 1
Vaccinated with Bovi 5L5 FP in May.

Jerry Zook of Desboro 10 Blk LimoX Cows Bred Blk Limo, 3rd & 4th Calvers, Vacc Bovi 5, Scour Guard, March Calving.
5 Hfrs, Bred Red Limo, Exposed June 1st - Sept 1st. Bovi 5

Moses Yoder of Desboro 8 Char Hfs Bred Char(80 lb BW) Exposed May 10/19- Sale Time Vacc Bovi 5.

Andy Miller Jr of Desboro 9 Red & Blk Cows Bred Red Limo Vacc Bovi 5 .

Henry Miller of Desboro 14 Red & Rwf Cows Bred Char .
Exposed April 1/19 .

** Special Bred Hfr and Cow Sales **

** Friday, Dec 6 2019 at 5:00 pm **

Garrett Froese of Meaford Complete Herd Disperal of 80 Red Angus and Red Simmental Cows and 4 Char Bulls .
Bulls Exposed June 25th,80% of 2019 Calf cropped calved out in 3 weeks.
Herd Consists of 4 Purebred Char Bulls 3 Rolling Acres & 1 Saunders Char Bulls.
12 2nd calvers oldest cows are oldest cows are 7 yrs old.
Cows are vaccinated yearly with Bovi Gold.

Tyler Hayes of Lions Head 40 Blk & Red Hfrs Expose to Blk Angus Bull .

Grace Kuhl of Keady 40 Red AngusXSimm Hfrs (20 Exposed Char April 1st, 20 Exposed May 1st).
Hfrs are Alberta Origin and Vacc With Bovi 5.

Sam Martin of Wroxeter 26 Char Hfrs (one owner origin) Exposed Red Angus May 20 - Aug 20 .
Hfrs are Vacc with Bovi 5, Quiet and Electric Fence Trained.

Joe Schrock of Desboro 20 Limo Cows (15 Red , 5 Blk ) Exposed to Red Limo Bull May 15th
Cows consist of 17 3rd calvers and 3 Bred Hfrs. Cows Vacc yearly with Bovi 5.

Jacob Schrock of Chesley 15 Blk/Red Limo Cows Bred Black Limo. (2/3 Black 1/3 Red Mixed) Vacc yearly with Bovi 5 . Exposed May 1st, 2019, Pulled July 24th, 2019.

Allen Martin of Dundalk 7 Purebred White Charolais Hfrs Exposed June 1st to Patton Bloodline Bull .
Vacc with Tri 10 and Ivomec .

Jeff Robbins of Courtright 3-3 yr old Red Simm/Angus Western origin cows. Bred to Erixon Pit Boss 21Z for early Jan calving.
1 - 3 year old Black / Simm / Angus / Maine cow bred to FBF1 Combustible for early January calf.
4 Black Simm / Angus bred Heifers due in January / February to CCR Cowboy Cut.
All females vaccinated yearly with Express FP 10.

Tony Bleumer of Chesley: 40 Red Angus X Hfrs Exposed mainly to Red Angus Bull June 25th until Sept 30th
Majority are the Bluemer's own raising, Vacc with Bovi 5 lp5

** Special Bred Hfr and Cow Sales **

Friday, December 13th 2019 at 5:00 pm

Cleon Martin: 39 Black Cows Bred Sim for March / April Calving. Consisting of 14 Black Heifers with 1st calf at side, 10 2nd calvers Black, 15 4th calvers - 10 Black , 5 Charolais. Bull Exposed Jul 1/ 19 - Simm Limo X Bull 3 years old.
Vaccinated yearly with Bovi 5 & Scourguard until 2019

Dave McCauly - 15 Charolais X Cows Bred Charolais, Exposed June 15.
5 Blk Cows Bred Black, Exposed June 15. Vaccinated Cattlemaster 5.

Dennis Ruthven - 6 Red Angus / Simm X Heifers
Vaccinated with Bovi 5

Jeff Brown - 12 Charolais Cows, Purebred, 6 Years Old 2 X Bred Cows
Papers, Cows Exposed July, Vaccinated.

Keith Vanderhook - 50 Charolais & Red Cows. 15 Red/RWF 35 White & Tan Cows. Exposed May 1st, 2019. 1 Limo / Simm X Bull (2/3 Limo 1/3 Simm) 3 Years old. 1 Limo Pure 3 Year old, Both Paul McIntyre of Lucknow breeding.
Vaccinated Bovi 5 Yearly.

Dan Mattyasovsky of Thunder Bay - Herd Reduction of 103 Red & Blk Sim / Angus X Cows. 86 are Bred Red or Blk Angus for April - June Calving. 17 are Bred Red or Blk Angus for Jan - Feb Calving. Ages are 1st - 4th calvers. Vaccinated yearly with Cattlemaster 4+L5, Tasvax 8, Maxiguard (Pink Eye), Fusoguard (foot rot).

J.R. Prevett Farms of Thunder Bay:10 Sim & Blk Cows Bred Red or Blk Angus for Winter & Spring Calving. Vaccinated with Cattlemaster 5 L5.

Ted Beirnes - Complete Herd Dispersal of 15 Charolais X Cows. Cows Exposed June 1st.
1 - 3 Year Old Registered Charolais Bull

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