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R.R. 4 Tara, Ontario
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                        FIRST REGULAR TUESDAY SALE - JAN.17,2017

       Sale times:   Beef Ring                9:00 AM  Tuesdays 
                     Small animals            10:00 AM  Tuesdays 

       Small Animal Auction will begin March 7th at 10:00 a.m

         Pigs, sheep, goats, dollar calves  12 Noon starting with pigs



        Fri Nov 10     9:00 A.M   Special Calf (Vacc & Unvaccinated) Catalogued  800-1000 HD
        Fri Nov 17     9:00 A.M   Special Yearling ( Grass & Yard )  Catalogued 1000-1200 HD
        Fri Nov 24     9:00 A.M   Special Calf (Vacc & Unvaccinated) Catalogued  800-1000 HD

        Fri Dec 1      5:00 P.M   Special Bred Cow & Hfr Sale
                                  Already Consigned:

                                  Larry Wade of Flesherton: 40 Blk Angus Cows (all 2nd & 3rd Calvesers)
                                  Vacc with Tri 9  Bred Blk Limo and Blk Angus

                                  Tony Bluemer of Chesley 35 Red Angus/Simm X Hfrs Bred Red Angus
                                  Vacc with Bovi 5 +B, Tony's own bloodlines, bred for sping calving

                                  Joe Hostettler of Willamsford
                                  16 Char Cows, 1 4yr old Saunder's Char Breeder Bull
                                  Vaccinated with Bovi 5  Bred for Spring Calving

                                  Micheal Galbraith of Tara
                                  35 Char Tan & White Hfrs Bred Red Angus for Spring Calving
                                  Vacc with Bovi 5

                                  Carolyn Closs of Shawville PQ  30 Char X Hfrs Bred to Low Birth Wt 
                                  Char Bulls for Spring Calving. Vacc with Bovi 5 +B, Carolyn's own Bloodlines

                                  Micheal Kavanagh of Luskvill PQ  5 Cows 6 Bred Hfrs
                                  (4 Purebred Cows Bred to Steppler Char Bull, 1 Sim/Red Anugs cow Bred Steppler Char)
                                  (3 Sim/Char Hfr Bred to Steppler Char Bull, 3 Bred to Calving ease Red Angus Bull)

                                  Dan Shetler of Chesley  1 Char Breeder Bull 3 Yrs Old (Elgin Albright Breeding)

                                  Dennis Ruthven of Tiverton  12 Fancy Red Angus/Sim Hfrs Bred Black Angus
                                  Vaccinated with Bovi 5

                                  Ken Lowe of Chesley 10 CharX Cows Bred Char or Composite to calve April/ May
                                  Vaccinated yearly with Tri 5

                                  Barry Grummett of Proton Station 4 White Hfrs bred Char   Bull turned out July 4

                                  Rob Winkels of Desboro 10-12 Char Cows Bred Char for April May Calving
                                  Vaccinated with Bovi 5

                                  Jim Walker of Dobbinton: 15  White Charolais Cows Bred to Saunders Char Bull(Turned out May 22)
                                                         Jim is a member of Georgian Bay Charolais Sale and is selling all
                                                         his white cows.  A fancy set of White cows that all have bloodlines tracing
                                                         back to Wanda Snobelen. Cows have been vaccinated yearly with Bovi 5

                                  Bob McKessock of Chatsworth:  10 Char Cows( 7 White Cows 3 Char X)
                                  Bred A.I to "Round Up" & "Zeal" To Calve April & May.  Age 4-12 yrs
                                  Vacc with Bovi 5

                                  Wayne Stachan of Brechin:  24 Blk Hfrs Exposed to Blk Angus Bull June 15- Aug15
                                  then Hereford Bull used as clean up Vaccinated with Bovi 5

            Dec 8      5:00 P.M   Special Bred Cow & Hfr Sale

                                   Already Consigned:
                                   Doug & Dan McComb of Williamsford
                                   85 Hfrs ( 70 Blk & 15 Red ) Bred to Low Birth Wt Blk Angus Limo Bulls
                                   and Red Limo Bulls for Spring Calving. Vacc with Bovi 5,All McComb's own
                                   Bloodlines except for 8. Bulls Exposed June 7th until sale day

                                   Matt & Nancy Stewart of Owen Sound
                                   20 Red and Red White Faced Hfrs Bred Red Angus for Spring Calving
                                   Bull Exposed June 2nd until Sept 2, All Hfrs vaccinated with Bovi 5
                                   Hfrs are half western orgin and half of their own raising

                                   Levi Stutzman of Williamsford
                                   15 Western Red AngusX Simm Hfrs Bred Red Angus for Spring Calving
                                   Vacc Bovi 5, Bulls Exposed May 24th until sale time

                                   Bob Thomas of Wiarton  20 Xbred Cows Bred Blk Angus

                                   Dwayne Moore of Meaford Complete Dispersal of  35 Fullblood Red & Blk Sim Cows  Bred Black Simm

                                   Tim MacDonald of Hanover: A Complete Herd of 29 Purebred Red Poll Cows with 25 May,June,July
                                   calves at side.  2 Mature Red Poll Bulls,  4 Xbred Cows.  Cows are Vaccinated yearly
                                   with Tri 9 and Tasvax 8 and Ivomec Yearly. Cows have been exposed to bull since May
                                   Registration papers are available at the buyers expence.

                                   Tyler Hayes of Lions Head: 25 Hfrs( Blk,Red, Char ) Bred Blk Angus, Exposed June 15th until Sale time
                                   Vacc with Express 5

                                   Sam Martin of Wroxeter: 49 Char Hfrs Bred Red Angus( Bull exposed May 22- Sept 1)
                                      Vaccinated with Bovi 5

            Dec 15    5:00 P.M   Special Bred Cow & Hfr Sale

                                 Already Consigned:

                                 Chris Roszel of Little Current
                                 50 Char Hfrs  Vacc with Bovi 5 Bred Char (98 lb BW)

                                 Andrew and Erica Specht of Spring Bay: 30 Blk Hfrs (originated from LB Angus Ranch of Alberta)
                                 Bred to 2 Final Answer Bulls,  Exposed June 15.  Vaccinated with Express 10

                                 Wayne Strachan of Brechin: 24 Xbred Hfrs Bred Black Angus exposed June 15 til Aug15 then
                                 Hereford from Mid August until sale time.  Vaccinated with Bovi 5

                                 Brian McKinnon of Paisley: 17 Red Angus Hfrs Bred Charolais Exposed June 5th
                                 vaccinated with Bovi 5

                                         FYI:  PROTOCOLS FOR THE MEMBERS ONLY PRESORT CLUB SALES

            *   CENTRAL CALF ASSOCIATION SALE         ( ALL BREEDS )    Sat Oct 31/15

              1. Spring:  Heifers, cows & bulls - Bovishield Gold FP 4+5L
                                                OR Bovishield Gold FP5   2 ml IM
                                                Or can vaccinate cow herd in fall
                                                with Bovishield Gold FP5

                        Note: Pregnant animals must have been previously vaccinated
                             within one year with Bovi-Shield FP  4+5L, or Bovi-shield 4 NC
                            ( Lepto vaccination is an individual option not mandatory)

                         Calves:   Bovishield Gold/5                      2ml IM
                      ( over 4 weeks of age)          Ultrabac7/Somnubac  5ml SQ
                                     (Optional 2007)   One Shot           2ml SQ

               2. Summer/Fall:  Calves   Bovishield Gold 5                2ml IM
                                                 Ultrabac 7/Somnubac      5ml SQ
                                                 One Shot                 2ml SQ
                                                 (Mandatory 2007) Mu-SE   1ml/200lb SQ
                             ( Give second dose late summer/early fall, but no less
                                       than 4 weeks before sale )
                                    NEW for 2007  Dectomax                5ml/110 lbs on back

                          RFID tag, Dehorn, Castrate any calves missing in spring.
                                      Bunk adjust all calves

               3.  Any new  herd additions:
                             Pregnant Cattlemaster 4/ Cattlemaster 4L5     2/5 ml IM
                             Open- Bovishield Gold 5/  Bovi-shield FP 4L5  2ml IM

               4.  Seller must confirm that their breeding herd and calves consigned
                   to this sale received the above protocol and the calves birth dates
                   are age verified with the CCIA registry.

               5.  Bull calves recommended be castrated before 2 months of age.  At the time
                   of the second vaccination, any lost CCIA tags should be replaced, horns checked
                   and ensure that castration was 100 % effective.
                   Age verification is mandatory with the club.


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