Keady Livestock Market
117012, Grey Road 3, Tara, Ontario, N0H 2N0
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Tuesday, May 14th, 2023
Bred Cow & Calf Sale
Selling Immediately After The Stocker Sale

Jonias Miller of Desboro
Complete Herd Dispersal of 16 Red X & Char Cows With Jan - April Char Calves at Side
6 Raising 2nd Calf
4 Raising 3rd Calf
3 Raising 4th Calf
3 Raising 7th Calf

2 Year Old Char Bull from Brad Fergus Breeding, Will be Semen Checked Prior to Sale
Cows Vacc This April With Bovi 5 lp5 
Calves Vacc With Bovi 5, Covexin, Elastic @ Birth, Started on Creep

Sale times:   Beef Ring     9:00 AM  Tuesdays   

Calf, Sheep, Goat          12:00 PM  Tuesdays




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