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Early Consignments at Keady Market


Northern Select Stocker Sale

To be held at Keady Livestock Market April 26, 2024 at 11:00am

Requirements for producers to consign cattle to the sale.

1. Cattle must be born and raised in the north. Must be from cows owned by the consignor.

2. Vaccinated with 5way modified live and an 8 way clostridium a minimum of 4 weeks before the sale.

3. Treated for internal parasites and lice.

4. Castration and dehorning a minimum of 60 days prior to the sale.

5. Weaned a minimum of 4 weeks before the sale.

6. Must have CCIA tags before leaving the farm. 

7. Any and all beef breeds are allowed.

8. Top quality cattle chosen by a selection committee only, will be allowed.

9. No use of any implants will be allowed. 9.   Any cattle not meeting qualifications will be pulled and can be sold in the next regular sale.

Other items for the sale

1. Selection committee will determine new consignors when room allows for more cattle in the sale.

2. Number of cattle allowed in sale will be approximately 1400 head.

3. Promotion and advertising   ie. twitter, facebook,   KLM website.

4. Delivery times and dates will be coordinated by sale committee and KLM.

5. Sale committee will assist with making trucking arrangements if required.

6. Must give commitment to the sale by March 1 each year.

Contact Information:

Cochrane District contact Jason Desrochers 	705-221-5520

Temiskaming District contact Greg Seed		705-648-4274

Consignors list for 2024 Sale.

Selection Committee Members:

Consignors list for 2024 Sale.

Selection Committee Members:

Flying W Ranch			160 head angus x hereford x Sim 600 to 800 lbs. mixed 

Clay ridge Farms		180 head angus x hereford x Sim 650 to 850 lbs. mixed

Desrochers Farms		210 head sim x char. 650 to 750 lbs. mixed

Seeson Ranch 			320 head angus x hereford  550 to 800 lbs mixed

				  			Sub Total	870 head
Guest Consignors:

Grandview Farms		150 head char x 700 to 900 lbs. steers

Rick Forbes			  65 head blk angus x 600 to 800 lbs. mixed

Gus Dekkers			  25 head char x 550 to 700 lbs. mixed

Adam Martin			  10 head char x 650 to 750 lbs. mixed

Ivon Webber			  75 head blk angus 500 to700 lbs. mixed

Jason Martin			  20 head blk angus x sim 700 lbs. steers

Alain Breault			  20 head char x angus 800 lbs. steers

Ken Little			   17 head angus x char 600 to 800 lbs. mixed

Doug Foley			   40 head limo x angus 650 -700 lbs. mixed	

                    Sub total 421 head
                    Total 1,291 head

Tuesday, May 14th, 2023
Bred Cow & Calf Sale
Selling Immediately After The Stocker Sale

Jonias Miller of Desboro
Complete Herd Dispersal of 16 Red X & Char Cows With Jan - April Char Calves at Side
6 Raising 2nd Calf
4 Raising 3rd Calf
3 Raising 4th Calf
3 Raising 7th Calf

2 Year Old Char Bull from Brad Fergus Breeding, Will be Semen Checked Prior to Sale
Cows Vacc This April With Bovi 5 lp5 
Calves Vacc With Bovi 5, Covexin, Elastic @ Birth, Started on Creep

Greek Orthodox Easter Sale Dates
April 30th, 2024

Sale times:   Beef Ring          9:00 AM  Tuesdays   

Calf, Sheep, Goat       	12:00 PM  Tuesdays






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